For all the non-norwegians out there

This one is gonna be in English, because of the fact that I have family and friends who don't understand Norwegian.

So this blog is basically about me fighting against anxiety and depression. What a day is like, and generally what goes through my head at that moment.

Anxiety is the shittiest form of feelings. You feel like you're dying from the inside. The panic is real, and your whole body is in survivalmode. Your head is telling you to just give up the fighting already, it's not worth it. You're not worth a life. But still you fight - every damn day.

Depression is the evil twin of anxiety. When the anxiety isn't awake, depression is constantly working to kill your selfesteem. Telling you that you are not good enough, that you are ugly, that you should kill yourself. And if none of that makes you give up, anxiety kicks in to make the struggle even worse. This is a daily fight. You may wake up and have a amazing day, or you'll wake up and just lie there and stare into the air while crying your eyes out.

But you should know this, there are many people in the world who goes through the same shit as you. The struggle is real. It's hard to talk about, but we are all in this together. Open up to someone, tell the world your story and take the first step to beat your anxiety and depression. It may be hard, but it always gets better. Fighting shit that lives inside your head takes courage and a lot of tears and strength, but it will be worth it in the end. Trust me.

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Emelie Karlsson

31.01.2016 kl.23:56

<3333 du er nok ikke alene, nei

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